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OBIS Sustainability

To develop and sustain an OBIS that delivers, adequate resources are required both from UNESCO’s regular programme, through extra-budgetary projects, by donations from the private sector and governments as well as in-kind contributions to core activities. The OBIS Secretariat builds and maintains the central database and provides training and technical assistance, guides new data standards and technical developments, and encourages international cooperation to foster the group benefits of the network. However, OBIS cannot exist without the hundreds of scientists who generate the data every day and believe in open-access to data to enhance research globally and the many data managers at the OBIS nodes who coordinate and network and work through every record in making OBIS a gold standard resource. It is critically important that OBIS is well-resourced at every level of the data chain.

Is OBIS at risk?

No. OBIS is part of IODE, which has a proven track record - it exists since 1961! However, because it operates under the UN, it brings a perception of stable financial coverage whereas many of the operations and activities depend on voluntary contributions. Fortunately, UNESCO provides the salary of one position (OBIS project manager), while the OBIS data manager is currently covered by project funding. These 2 secretariat positions are essential, without those OBIS could not be operational. However, there are many things in which OBIS could improve and provide a better service. The OBIS Science Advisory Task Team has started this deliberation process and much of it can be read in their first meeting report. The OBIS Steering Group nicely phrased what would be lost without an OBIS international secretariat, see annex 5 of their meeting report.

How to partner with OBIS?

If you have a great idea, you wish to develop a project or new tools or new products and wish to partner with OBIS. Please contact the OBIS secretariat or one of the many national/regional/thematic, go to contact. We may try to find funding together! OBIS also welcomes invitations to join project/grant proposals.

How to sponsor OBIS?

If you are an individual, private foundation, organization:

  1. Please read the Strategic Plan for the Ocean Biogeographic Information System, including resource requirements, and check if your vision aligns with the goals and objectives of OBIS.
  2. Select a project proposal you are interested in.
  3. Fill in the template for a project agreement and send it to the OBIS secretariat.
  4. Meet with the OBIS team.

If you are a government:

The IOC Assembly Resolutions XXVII/Dec. and IOC-XXVIII/Dec.7.2.1 urged Member States to support the OBIS Work Plan through cash contributions to the IOC Special Account for OBIS, secondments of staff members to the IODE/OBIS Project Office, in-kind support such as hosting meetings or workshops with participant funding, or through funding of OBIS Projects.

Currently funding is sought for the following project proposals:

Cash contributions can be made directly to UNESCO’s bank account details:

if the contribution is made in USD
Account holder: UNESCO Bank: City Bank, N.A. Branch: 940-New York Bank address: 111 Wall Street, New York, New York 10043, USA Account number: 36378785 SWIFT BIC: CITIUS33 ABA: 021000089

if the contribution is made in Euros
Account holder: UNESCO A/C No. 30003-03301-00037291909-97
Branch: Paris Saint Michel
Bank address: 10 rue Thénard, 75005 PARIS, France
IBAN FR7630003033010003729190997

:exclamation: Please quote the reference “IOC Special Account for OBIS (191IOC9000)” when paying.