October 02, 2018 - OBISIndonesia OBIS node

Indonesia joins the OBIS network through LIPI's Research Centre for Oceanography

The Research Centre for Oceanography (RCO) of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences has become an IODE Associate Data Unit and joined the OBIS network as the national OBIS node for Indonesia. The RCO is an Indonesian Government corporate entity. Its core business is research in oceanography and related fields that helps the Indonesian government and the wider community to make informed decisions about the management of Indonesia's marine estate. Situated in the heart of the Coral Triangle, known as the centre of the world's marine biodiversity, RCO has accumulated a wealth of data on marine organisms and its environmental parameters in Indonesia. Furthermore, RCO is formally appointed by the Government of Indonesia as the data custodian for coral reef and seagrass in Indonesia.

Besides sharing the biogeographic data with the global OBIS system, RCO also manages the IOC-WESTPAC Regional Training and Research Centre on Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health (RTRC-MARBEST) and offers to host & organize IODE/OBIS training courses.

A delegation of LIPI-RCO, led by Director Dr Diramsyah, visited the OBIS secretariat on 9 July 2018 to discuss potential collabration with OBIS.