OBIS Technical Training Course, 5-9 May 2014

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Venue: IOC Project Office for IODE – Wandelaarkaai 7/61 - 8400 Oostende - Belgium

The training course is targeted towards data managers at the OBIS nodes and large OBIS data providers.

The training course content is:

  1. Getting data and metadata out of OBIS (web portal, web services, OBIS stage database)
  2. Introduction to the OBIS issue tracking system
  3. Getting data and metadata in OBIS:
    1. Data Quality Control tools (e.g., LifeWatch QC tools, and Name Matching Strategy)
    2. Data and metadata standards and vocabularies (what information, where and how)
    3. Setting-up and maintenance of IPT
  4. Data enhancements, new data types and applications (group discussion on how to solve this)
  5. Scientific data analysis exercises
  6. Open topics (based on needs assessment via application form)

Participants are required to prepare for the course!

Pre-training workshop preparations:

  • Make sure you bring with you at least one or several datasets (including metadata) that are not yet in OBIS
  • Create a list of technical questions on beforehand
  • Create a list of (scientific) questions you or your community network would like to see addressed using data in OBIS.

Please fill in the application form and submit it to no later than 21 February 2014.


OBIS is a project of:
IODE Sponsored by:
Martin International and Les Grands Explorateurs
With in-kind support from:
Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab, Duke University
Universidad Simón Bolívar Flanders Marine Institute

OBIS strives to document the ocean's diversity, distribution and abundance of life. Created by the Census of Marine Life, OBIS is now part of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, under its International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) programme.