Shortnose sturgeons still threatened - Conclusion

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Chinese sturgeon

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Conservation of a species is complicated by human needs and desires for products that use those species. Sustainability is the concept that allows current needs to be met without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. What human needs are met by preserving the shortnose sturgeon? What where some of the economic considerations that you needed to understand? What where some of the cultural considerations that you needed to understand? What actions can you personally take to save the shortnose sturgeon? What actions could your class take to save the shortnose sturgeon?

Although the effect of dams on ecosystems has been studied in the United States and alternatives to dams are recommended, a giant dam was constructed in China (finished in 2012) which has caused some concern among environmentalists. What impact is the Three Gorges Dam of China having on Acipenser sinensis, the Chinese sturgeon?

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