OBIS Executive Committee

OBIS Executive Committee (OBIS-EC)

Chair: Eduardo Klein (SG-OBIS chair)

OBIS-EC Membership.

The OBIS Executive Committee (OBIS-EC) was established at the 1st OBIS Steering group meeting in 2011. At the 5th OBIS Steering Group meeting in 2016, the SG-OBIS decided that the chair of SG-OBIS is also the chair of the OBIS-EC and that the membership of the OBIS-EC is composed of the SG-OBIS chairs, the chairs of the OBIS Task Teams, the OBIS project manager and the OBIS data manager. The OBIS-EC is mainly responsible for follow-up of the workplan, the preparation of strategic decisions, the agenda of the SG-OBIS meetings, partnerships with other organizations, the development of OBIS sustainability and business plans.

Terms of Reference of the OBIS-EC

OBIS-EC Meetings

The OBIS-EC will meet primarily by means of electronic communication (email and video conference).