Recommendation IODE-XXI.2


The IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange,

Noting the great progress that has been made under the Global Census of Marine Life (CoML) programme and that this ten-year initiative, to assess and explain the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life in the oceans, concluded at the end of 2010,

Recalling the decision, through Resolution XXV-4, to accept OBIS within the IODE Programme, and the request to the IOC Executive Secretary to make the necessary administrative arrangements necessary for OBIS activities to continue under the auspices of IOC and its IODE Programme,

Recommends the establishment of an IODE Steering Group for OBIS with the following terms of reference:

Recommends that the membership of the Steering Group shall include the managers of OBIS Nodes or their designated representatives, and representatives from organizations contributing to the development and maintenance of the OBIS infrastructure. The Steering Group will designate its own Chair, define rules and responsibilities of Nodes, and develop objective criteria for evaluation of membership. IODE Co-Chairs will be invited to attend the meetings.