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OBIS is not a project or program, and is not limited to data from Census of Marine Life-related projects. Any organization, consortium, project or individual may contribute to OBIS.  Contributions typically take the form of publishing data through OBIS, or providing software tools. People, organizations and projects that provide data, software, expertise, or other resources to OBIS can be recognized as “Contributors to OBIS."


Many scientists have contributed to the development of OBIS, including those on its Managers Committee, its various other active and past committees, and working in its Regional Nodes, Portal and Secretariat. Others have contributed by providing data, software tools and know-how to OBIS; while more have provided invaluable feedback on their experiences and expectations using OBIS. This feedback has been very helpful in planning improvements to the OBIS portal and website.

Data Sources

OBIS Data Sources are the authors, editors, and/or organisations that have published one or more datasets through OBIS. They would be the owners or custodians of the data. The data are served through an OBIS Data Provider who may or may not be the same organization or person. Check 'Datasets' on the 'Search Data' tab for a list of Providers and Datasets.

Data Providers

OBIS Data Providers are organizations and persons that serve data through the OBIS portal. These data maybe held by themselves or served on behalf of others. Check 'Datasets' on the 'Search Data' tab for a list of Providers.

Tool providers

OBIS Tools are software that operates through the OBIS portal (e.g. mapping tools), is used in OBIS data management, or that can be downloaded by users. Examples include: CMR C-squares Mapper; Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) Mapper; ACON Mapper; VLIZ maps of Countries (Exclusive Economic Zones), and of Sea and Ocean areas.

OBIS is a project of:
IODE Sponsored by:
Martin International and Les Grands Explorateurs
With in-kind support from:
Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab, Duke University
Universidad Simón Bolívar Flanders Marine Institute

OBIS strives to document the ocean's diversity, distribution and abundance of life. Created by the Census of Marine Life, OBIS is now part of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, under its International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) programme.